You can support us!

For starters: like our facebookpage and help us growing our  network. As you can imagine this project is very demanding on technical resources, knowledge and money. We could really use your help realising our goal to make racing greener. There are various ways you can support us,  have a look and start helping us!


We can imagine you are enthausiastic about this project and wish to contribute. You can! Support us by donate a small amount which will help us finance our bike. You can choose the amount yourself. Any amount is highly appreciated, but you might consider donating at least EUR 50,- as this will mention you on the website. From donations of EUR 100,- we will mention you on the website AND on the fairing of the bike!


If you wish to help us and get exposure in return, you can contact us by email.  We will display this bike at various industrial and consumer fairs and events, and it could have your company branding! We will race with it and we can tailor to your marketing wishes as well.


Any form of support is welcome! Help with events, giving us a positive post on facebook, talk about it to your friends and of course try to do your bit protecting the environment is all great!


One of the largest expenses are the batteries. We will start a kickstarter campagn to help us purchase those. Would you like to help and have your own name written on your battery and posted on the website? Follow us on facebook and we will notify you when we go live!